William Pint & Felicia Dale

Celebrating the ocean in song

"William Pint and Felicia Dale rank among North America's most exciting interpreters of music based in the traditions of the British Isles and France... unconventional but spine-tingling... unique and mesmerizing "
Dirty Linen Magazine

Prepare for an intoxicating blend of traditional and modern music reflecting the immense vitality of those who live and work on the sea. Pint and Dale’s music fits into the world of modern folk, rock and popular song, but it’s rich with the myth, narrative, rhythm, rhyme and lyric associated with the days of the tall ships.

With extraordinary vocals and guitar, octave mandolin, Irish pennywhistles, cittern, fiddles, ukulele percussion and the exotic sounds of the vielle-à-roue or hurdy gurdy,  William Pint & Felicia Dale bring an energetic and contemporary spirit to their material.

Any one who thinks sea music means ‘Haul Away Joe’ sung slightly off key to the reedy strains of a concertina is in for a revelation.

The music of the sea -- maritime music, nautical music. Whether they be contemporary songs with the sea as a theme, ancient ballads of fearsome pirates, or shanties, (or ‘chanties’, if you prefer) the traditional work songs sung aboard the tall ships to organize the labor of the crew enabling small groups of men to accomplish tremendous feats of strength.

Those crews were English, Irish, Welsh, German, French, from the West Indies, The United States and other sea going nations, but the music itself was inspired by the oceans that link all these places together and cover two thirds of our precious planet. We take all of this as a source of inspiration for our music - giving it our own spin with guitar, hurdy-gurdy, octave mandolin and other exotic sounds. The result is an unusually energetic and exciting approach to folk music.

We have a tremendously good time playing this music and hope that you will enjoy listening and participating in it either at a live performance or through our recordings.

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